Petr H
ADM Computing
Petr Hadaščok
I was really satisfied with the company.  I spent really good time there. Everybody was very kind and helpful.
Ondřej Hubík
I created a new webspace on new webhosting, installed a wordpress and made a content according to content of old website.
The company
Martin Benek
I worked in company dealing with electric installation and other things with electricity.
I did big variety of things as I worked every day on different place, which required different actions.
Kent School of English
Tereza Charizanova
I attended the Kent school of English in Broadstairs. I was there for three weeks as a work experience student. I worked with 4 other students from foreign countries (two girls from Italy, a girl and a boy from Hungary).
Resort Studios
Matěj Finke
I worked as an asistant of an engineer and i helped him with animations And models and development of his own selfplaying ukulele
Resort Studios
Jan Bezecný
I modeled and animated self-playing ukulele to help artist with his project. I learned a lot about modeling and animations. I'm very grateful that I could participate in this project.
Dynamix Accountancy
Markéta Krbečková
Everyday I started with some fillings from limited companies. I worked with Excel (fill amounts to chart).
I did some scanning and copying.
Honza H
English in Margate
Jan Hadaščok
I worked at school called English in Margete. My job ranged from operating administrative software to maintaining and developing comapny’s websites.
English in Margate
I have been serving hot beverages in a cafeteria. I have been filling in forms.
Resort Studios
I was working at resort studios as personal assistant helping Teresa, artist introducing her long-awaited film.
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