Mecanizados Málaga
Daniel Čada
My job was interesting and educational. I will surely use this experience further. Overall, it was a good experience for which I am very grateful.
Lukáš Mihoč
I have learned new skills and improved my old ones, such as typing all ten, basics of spanish language and pc knowledge. I also met some nice people and I am really grateful for this oppurtunity.
Vendy Bardoňová
I am so happy that I was part of this experience! This job gave me skills like better work with pc, better skill in conversation in different languages. Also, I have some great memories.
Atriam Consulting
Michael Moják
This was a great experience, because I have learned a lot of new things which I definetely will use further in my career.
Atriam Consulting
Jiří Vala
I have really enjoyed this internship. I have learned a lot of new things and met a lot of amazing people! It was indeed useful for my career.
art museum
Agnesa Kiszková
I'm so grateful that I was a part of this trip. I met awesome people and saw lot of crazy and beutiful things. I worked in a museum with my friend, so I learned many new things and I can say, it was really fun!
art museum
Terezie Karaffová
I can't even express how grateful I am for this opportunity. I learned a lot of great things and discovered culture of this part of the world. This experience overall was really amazing.
Alquilofacil, Málaga
Ilona Palicová
In my job I was working with very kind and friendly people. I improved my english and learned something in Spanish. I loved being in Malaga!
Alquilofacil, Málaga
Kristýna Onderová
I was really happy with my workplace. I learned some new skills in advertising, some Spanish words and mainly improved my English.
Atriam Consulting
Kryštof Hajdík
My job was educational and I have earned a lot of experience. I'm glad I got this opportunity to explore a different culture and learn new things. I also had a lot of good times and fun.
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