Adam Rajnoch
I can’t really say a bad word about my workplace. Every day was filled with joy, laughter and wonderful people.
Daniel Pětroš
I believe that all the experience that I’ve gathered in Usheru will help me in my future job.
Daniel Slavík
I was working in the Connect IT company, which provided us with a brand-new project in cooperation with Ireland’s Department of Health to help physically disabled people.
Care After Prison
David Pleva
My company gave me perfect conditions. I was really happy with time spent in CAP. Everybody was so gentle and helpful.
Devaney and Durkin
Dorota Mikušková
It was nice and I am so thankful that I was a part of this big experience. The whole experience taught me mainly lots of new economy vocabulary and some useful skills I could use in the future.
Renault Motors
Filip Bakota
Office I worked in was filled with very friendly and patient people so I can definitely say I improved my communication skills.
Filip Sikora
I was administrating a linux server and researching information. I had a great time and learned a lot of new things. I also improved my spoken English quite a bit.
Chopped Headquarters
Jakub Jelínek
I am really glad for being in the company. Everybody was very nice to me and helpful.
Twin English Centre Dublin
I was very satisfied with my stay in this company. My co-workers were very nice and friendly.
Handy Harware / Online Tradesmen
I was really contented in the company. Everybody was friendly and kind. It was great experience.
IT Star
I am immensely glad that I have been given the opportunity to work in IT-star, as every one of my co-workers has been friendly and incredibly helpful.
I enjoyed working for Reads, which has policy"Quality and affordability can go hand-in-hand and we promise our customers that we will always offer best possible value!".
I was working in the Swan English language institute, and I must say, that it couldn’t be better. I was super satisfied in there, and my colleagues were really kind and helpful.
I enjoyed my stay at the company, i learned new thing and i improved a lot in my English.
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