Our team


Petr Pokorný


Petr comes from Frýdek-Místek in Czech republic. Photography is his passion because he loves taking little moments from our lives and making them immortal. He also love taking pictures of buildings since most of them will fall to the progress of time.


Jan Březina


Honza and his interest in photographing began in elementary school, that was the time he got his first camera. Due to his hobby, boyscout, his photos were focused mainly on nature and landscape. This led him to studying on high school of art in Ostrava where he successfully got his maturita exam.

Nowadays, he specializes on taking pictures of already mentioned nature and landscape in photo studio Picparrot.


Martin Benek


Martin is a student of network engineering college in Prague. Taking photos has been his hobby since he was about 8. During this 10 year period, he has taken thousands of photos and learnt several techniques of taking photos.

His favorite object of photography is a nature.

 Besides photography, He is also keen on Astronomy and science.


Markéta Krbečková


Marketa studies high Economics school in Ostrava. Her fondness is taking photos of cars. It does not matter if they are new or old. When she was 3 she can recognize most of the car brand. With photographing she started a few years ago when her granny had given her a camera.

Besides, she really loves to play volleyball with friends in her free time.

Tereza Charizánová


Tereza is a photographer from the Czech republic with a lot of experience. When she was a child she had found her passion for photographing. Her favourite topic is an architecture and the beauty of the city.



Matěj Finke


Matthew have been making professional photos since 2015.

He studied on High school of Art in ostrava where he graduated with honors.

Nowadays he is taking many special workshops and seminars to make His photos goodlooking and professional.

His moto is “good photography is simple and pure”.

He specialize in photos of nature and architecture.

Currently he is working for a photostudio Picparrot and he and his co-workers will do everything to make you dream of your best photography come true.


Jan Bezecný


John has been professionally photographing since 2017.

He graduated at High School of Art and Design in Brno.

He is currently studying at University of Art&Design in Prague. He has lots of certificates specialized on photographing and he is leading course of photographing for amateurs.

He loves architecture so most of his photos are architectural.

Currently he is taking a part-time job for a photostudio Picparrot. He will do everything to make your best wishes to come real. You can count on him and his collaborators.

Ondřej Hubík

Web master

Ondra is a student of Information technology at VUT faculty in Brno. His main branch is IT business, he has always preformed work on his own.

Web making became Ondra’s interest at secondary school. Besides, he’s excited in social media marketing and web applications developing.

In his free time Ondra does sports like bodybuilding and thaiboxing.

Petr Hadaščok


Peter is young man from the Czech Republic. People consider him to be reliable. He is also very talkative and knows how to communicate with people. Thanks to his abilities he is doing well as a manager in our company.
Peter likes traveling and discovering beatiful places, that´s why he chosed to work for us. His free time activities are playing ball games or riding a bike. Besides that he is interested in Linux operating system and reading articles about new technologies.

Jan Hadaščok

Web designer

Honza is behind company design. Besides company logo he is also styling web pages and putting his creative ideas everywhere he can.