Esys Informationsysteme
Jakub Vantuch
At work, everyone came to my aid, and I learned a lot of useful things about my field, which I will definitely use further.
Adam Spratek
There was nothing better for my professional career than this internship.
Kateřina Voščeková
I worked at a townhall in a village called Traunkirchen. I was there with Eliška and we had to translate documents from German to English and prepare documents. We also made a PowerPoint presentation and leaflets for future visitors of the village.
Eliška Březinová
I spent very good time here, it was great experience and I got to know a lot of interesting information about region and local culture.
Braun Maschienen fabrik
Martin Šebesta
It was nice and I am so thankful that I was a part of this big experience. The whole experience taught me mainly lots of new economy vocabulary and some useful skills I could use in the future.
Urich Installations
Filip Funiok
I was surprised with my position, but in the end, I was very satisfied. I spent a really great time here in this company. Everyone was so kind, helpful and broadminded.
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